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University Of Toledo Housing Agreement

24. CONDUCT: If the occupier does not comply with the housing contract, the contract may be terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions in force. Students who have been removed from the accommodation for behavioural reasons are responsible for the remaining costs associated with their housing contract for the entire academic year, unless they are allowed to terminate a contract. In addition, residents may be overwhelmed in accordance with the student code of conduct. Offences that may lead to the immediate termination of the housing contract are however not limited to: 1. Contact UToledo Student Leaders Danny (daniel.gallagher@rockets.utoledo.edu) or Jewel (jewel.hodges@rockets.utoledo.edu) for support, as you can make your #WeBelongInCollege story A resident can act as their own guarantor if they can show documents as described in the rental contract that they have an income greater than three times the rent. The housing agreement is a legally binding agreement between you (“Resident”) and the University of Toledo (“University”), a public university located at 2801 W. Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390 to occupy a room in the residences of the university (“Premises”). Once the agreement is signed, tabled and accepted by the university, it applies for the entire academic year (autumn and spring semester) and can only be terminated under the following conditions.

Free COVID-19 test today at Rocket Hall. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We recommend that all students get tested before returning home for the break. news.utoledo.edu/…/update-free-covid-19-testing-mov. 21. TERMINATION OF HOUSING CONTRACT BY RESIDENT: If the occupier wishes to terminate the housing contract before the occupation, he or the occupier must do so in writing up to 17 .m the first day of a semester`s classes in order not to charge for accommodation. If the occupier wishes to terminate the housing contract after the occupation, the occupier must submit a devotional application form, which can be found on the Office of Residence Life www.utoledo.edu/studentaffairs/reslife/uhcontractcancellation.html website.

Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Residence Life and, if approved, the release of the housing contract will take effect when the decision is issued, but the resident remains liable for the cancellation fee in the amount set by the Office of Residence Life. If the occupant`s application is rejected, the housing contract will be pursued and the occupier will be responsible for the entire amount of the construction. If you do not register in the dormitory or leave the dormitory, residents will not be removed from your housing contract.

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