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Sync License Agreement

If Verizon wanted to get another artist to record the song, it would not need AC/DCs Publishern`s master license, but only a sync license. This is done through synchronization licenses and master`s licenses. If you use an original recording belonging to someone else (for example. B a real recording of the Beatles with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison), you need a synchronization license to pay the composer the right to use the composition (song) and also a master license to pay the artists for the right to use the recording. This also applies if you only feel a very small part of the copyrighted audio recording. Click here on Tap to learn more about licensing existing audio recordings. I wrote a song with a co-author, but I produced the song myself so that I own the master. So my question is this: if I have co-authors, but I own the master, I still need the permission (a written agreement) of the co-authors or can I enter into a synchronization agreement without their agreement/collaboration (as long as I pay my co-author their 50% share of the songwriter`s fee if I pass them?) Lance mentions that they have $1,500 per page. This means they pay $1,500 for the sync fee and $1,500 for the master usage fee. Below is an example of a dubbing agreement and a master`s degree.

Dismissed: It is the person or party who is applying for a licence. (a) record the music and texts of the compositions/recordings in sync or in sync with the program, and produce copies of those recordings and/or import those recordings and/or copies to any country in the territory. The licensee may use composition (s)/recording (s) as featured or background vocal (F,V or F,I) for an unlimited number of uses of any duration in the program. Notwithstanding the above, any use is considered a separate use in determining the taxes covered in paragraph 4 below. Note that sync licenses apply to video products (DVDs, YouTube videos, other web videos and slideshows). If you`re creating a pure audio product, for example.B. CD or vinyl record, you need a mechanical license. Mechanics is only for audio-only; Sync is for video. If you post texts or music notes in your video, you`ll also need a print license to pay the composer the right to view the composition (song). Click here on Tap to learn more about the print license. NOTE: If you need master privileges for sound recording, you also need to get the sync rights to the music composition.

The licensee also has the right to distribute to the general public and to “domestic” use throughout the territory granted, video-graphed copies of the production, which represent its composition. The “videogram” includes all audio and visual devices, whether known or developed later, such as video discs, video cassettes, DVDs and all similar compact audiovisual devices. A sync license is required, no matter how small the song you`re using. For medleys, each part of the song requires a separate sync license. There are a few exceptions for which no sync license is required: you don`t need a sync license for songs you`ve written yourself or for songs that are in the public domain. In our example, a master license is required to use the ac/DCs version of the song. As far as payment is due, we can pay you $1,500 per page as a license fee for your song. It won`t be exclusive. And of course, the rights want to use the song in the film long term. You have a reputation for getting a lot of rankings, but the offers aren`t great.

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