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Serviced Office Licence Agreement

A license is a legal agreement with the owner. The agreement should be short, simple and written in plain English, but you still need to check all the details in depth. Even real estate licenses agreed with local authorities and business agencies must be verified. All-inclusive monthly bill After moving in, all items in a service office – rental, price, furnishing, reception and IT assistance, maintenance and cleaning – are included in a fixed monthly price. It guarantees total cost control for the tenant and keeps your budget on track. Reduced flexibility – While many suppliers claim to offer flexible contracts, they are actually much firmer than service offices. This is due to the fact that the provider invests time and money in creating the right office for you and therefore you have to register within a limited time frame. Adjustment – This type of office generally works best for established businesses that are during the great growth phase, financially secure and able to initiate a rental period of more than 5 years. Learn the differences between coworking and renting an office, a shared office and a private office. Now start your search for an office, or contact us. Reduced convenience – You also can`t get the full range of services offered by a service office. It is worth checking your agreement and contracts, what is actually provided and what you will end up paying for yourself.

You should include all of these costs in your budget when you evaluate which option is best for you. A licensing agreement is established on the assumption that a service office provider would only allow the occupancy of a given space in the short term. The most important thing is that the client/buyer will not be the exclusive property of the designated space, as this effectively separates a licensing agreement from a traditional office rental contract. When an occupant of a commercial building owns exclusive ownership of an industry, after the end of the contract, he or she may acquire the right to stay in the space provided. This is always the case, unless the agreement is legally excluded from these rights from the outset. As a general rule, a licensing agreement gives the operator/licensee and the taker the right to terminate the contract with a typical 28-day notice. Control – you will also get much more right to look in the office look, so it can better reflect your business. You can make space your own in a variety of ways, from complete renovation to installing new technologies. A license is an agreement that allows you to occupy space for a flexible period (2 months or 2 years).

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