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Qufa Collective Agreement

The adjustments were recommended by the Side-Table Anomaly (AST), a subcommittee of the Joint Commission for the Management of the Agreement (JCAA). The JCAA is an employment services committee that verifies the administration, interpretation and operation of the faculty`s collective agreement with the university. From time to time, parts of the collective agreement are amended by mutual agreement between the contracting parties mentioned in the agreements. The moas that were signed after the collective agreement was printed are listed below as links. If so, the online version of the collective agreement has been updated to reflect these moas. In accordance with section 4.3 of the collective agreement, the version published online is the “official copy of the collective agreement.” Queen`s University staff are subject to a collective agreement between the University and the Queen`s University Faculty Association (QUFA), which is published in queensu.ca/facultyrelations/faculty-librarians-and-archivists/collective-agreement and www.qufa.ca. NEW: An exclusive interview with David Suzuki on his new documentary Rebellion. In an interview with the Journal, Qufa President Kayll Lake said the adjustments were the result of an “abnormally low wage analysis” based on long-standing provisions of the university`s qufa collective agreement. This month, Queen`s will adjust the salaries of approximately 200 faculty members currently employed at the university. Faculty members were informed of the change in August, according to a statement posted on the Queen`s University Faculty Association (QUFA) website. Listen to the fall semester finale of How To Be a Student, when Kevin Bailie, former goalkeeper of Queen`s Herrenhockey, reads Matt Scace`s “Discovering My Limits at the New York City Marathon.” Applicants must have a doctorate or a degree equivalent to the start date of the appointment. The main selection criteria are academic and pedagogical excellence. The successful candidate will provide evidence of quality scientific performance, showing the potential for independent research leading to peer-reviewed publications and the guarantee of external research assistance, as well as strong potential for outstanding contributions at both the bachelor and higher education levels, as well as an ongoing commitment to academic and educational excellence to support the department`s programs.

Applicants must prove that they can work together in an interdisciplinary and student environment. Successful applicants are expected to provide contributions through services to the department, faculty, university and/or wider community. The salary will correspond to qualifications and experience.

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