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Oracle Support Agreement

The amount of our savings depends on many factors, including Oracle`s unique software agreements, company structure, software supply, other licensing requirements and many other variables. Once we have the variables in place, our custom recipe is very simple to understand. Savings are predicable and License Consulting coordinates implementation. 22. How can I learn more about how to reduce my support costs? 9. Question: Can I bypass repricing and terminate my unused licenses and support? Answer: Good reasoning that works, tells them that you leave Oracle and the company might not want to pay more for support. Another good argument is that you have a limited budget and do not cover the annual increase. Oracle Cloud`s hosting and provision policies below are the main documents used to communicate Oracle Cloud Services` support policy. These policies are referenced in oracle Cloud Ordering Document and contain Oracle`s Cloud Services hosting and deployment support policies. 1) When your company sells a subsidiary, ask Oracle to license unused licenses. In this way, you report “unwanted licenses and media” to the divested company. After the conclusion, the company can terminate the support contract. Then avoid reassessment.

10. Question: Are there other ways to reduce my support costs? Based on the feasibility assessment, a plan will be presented to outline, discuss, agree and implement Oracle Support`s savings strategy. Tactics and strategies are discussed with the client, with an emphasis on roles, responsibilities and schedules. Answer: You need to make sure you are compliant, not because there is surveillance. But if you have to buy new licenses. If you`re not supported, you may need to return to support if you need additional licenses. In addition, you need to check your contract to make sure you can switch to third-party assistance. Oracle`s global security practices for customer support apply to standard technical support services and hardware warranty services. You describe Oracle`s global approach to information security as well as the specific security controls applied to standard technical support services and hardware warranty services. In addition, Oracle has corporate security practices that describe security practices implemented in accordance with Oracle`s corporate security program and are adhered to by Oracle for its operational and service infrastructure under its control, including Oracle`s network and enterprise systems.

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