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Non Disclosure Agreement Philippine Law

A confidentiality agreement is a document used to protect confidential information disclosed by individuals or businesses in the context of a business relationship. It establishes an enforceable agreement between the parties so that they will not disclose or use the confidential information for purposes other than the purpose of the business relationship. 8. Previous inventions. It goes without saying that all inventions, whether they exist, patented or not, and creative works, whether registered or not, which I made before consulting the company, are excluded from the scope of this agreement. To avoid uncertainty, I have submitted to Appendix B a complete list of all my inventions and creative works, including the numbers of all patents and patent applications, as well as a brief description of all unpatented inventions and unregistered copyrights that are not owned by a former employer. I represent and I promised that the list is complete and that, if there are no points on the list, I have no such inventions or creative works. I agree to inform the company in writing before making disclosures or performing work on behalf of the company that threatens or may run into property rights that I claim in the event of claims of inventions, ideas or creators. In the event of non-disclosure, I agree that I will not make any claims against the company regarding such inventions, ideas or creative works. For more information on confidentiality agreements or the development of a confidentiality agreement, see below. I suggest you read your NDA on the topics covered in the non-disclure.

As a general rule, corporate customers and their telephone numbers are included in the NDA. However, your right, as an individual, to file a complaint for unlawful termination cannot be subject to a contract or agreement. I recently worked here in the Philippines in a company with a union legally recognized for 8 years as an employee of Rank and File. Recently, the company requires to sign an NDA and the refusal to sign can end my employment. As a member of the Union, we are advised not to sign it, because this may be the way a company is to turn union members into confidential staff, which puts our Union at risk. Is it really possible for the company to resign us if it has not signed the NDA? The content of the NDA was very unfavorable to us and without giving us anything in return. 13. Full agreement. I acknowledge the receipt of this agreement and agree that, with regard to the purpose of this agreement, this is the entirety of my agreement with the company, which is subject to any communications, assurances, agreements or prior agreements with the company or with an executive or representative.

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