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Nicholas Humphreys Tenancy Agreement

Honestly, the worst experience I`ve ever had with an agency and the owner was no better. Imagine with a dirty carpet in the BadBroken fire alarm that went out all the time, that hasn`t been fixed for months, and even now they still don`t work properly. The owners will contact you and call to yell at you over the phone. They were trying to pay me twice a month for most of my stay. No matter who I spoke to, I didn`t get any help and they would always forget when my rent was due. They are so rude about the phone, it feels like blackmail in the bathroom on the second floor doesn`t basically work, no one could use it. The cauldron is old and would make strange noises. It`s not too sure of age, but it`s copper. I could continue for a while on the tree at the front, which is not safe because of a storm, large beaches almost fell cars and endangered the inhabitants. My curtains were harvests I had to buy new ones from my pocket, the hardest part was sticking the old curtains to see them with old-fashioned C clips they used. Also, the heating caused arguments because you couldn`t control how hot it was from your room and because half the house was away from the sun my room was icy, while the other half had constant sunshine, meaning the rooms cooked. The way this was resolved in one way or another was by the agency, which threatened to raise prices or money would be levied on deposits if we do not stop using heating, but overall the agency should not have the right to pursue its standards and owners must stop blackmail for student housing, especially if the house looked even if it was done without blemish they would still take deposits.

What is even worse is that because of this pandemic, the Agency would call those who could no longer pay because they had lost their jobs, who threatened us, while they were also trying to put us to work during the COVID GLOBAL CRISIS ARE YOU INSANE? The female owner would also have called, she was extremely rude I don`t know how the owners or why the landowners could contact us, but they did every time they decided to do it, and everything was fine with this agency. To sum up if they could hold your family hostage for the money you owe them, they would cheat whenever they had the chance and put you into contracts without explaining very important things. I was put on a contract that had already started I don`t know if it`s ok, they explained things briefly and they knew I found myself in a tight situation with looking for accommodation They even gave me the wrong key, so I had my own room for a week that I still had to pay and the key took the key when I tried to open the door they were trying to make it pay. Plus I should keep my door open because it would close on its own once blocked after a shower and just getting help proved very difficult, but I can provide more information, because my rent is still active I`m worried, I`m not going to get my deposit back and more We agreed to rent a property on the agreement that carpets , offices and television would be replaced with a new paint. We and Nicholas Humphreys have signed the lease agreement, including an amendment that states that the “owner of the property above, has agreed to the following: ” New carpets will be installed New offices will be made available. A new TV is installed in the common living room`A month before the rent began, we received a call from Nicholas Humphreys Stoke. They said the work on the property would only begin if we paid a higher rent. This is a total of 4800 $US added to our rent.

We also had to ask for changes to the lease because the rents were higher than the advertised rate. Personally, I think Nicholas Humphreys is deliberately trying to mislead students who have never been to the rental market.

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