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Nepal Japan Labour Agreement

“We promised them institutional and other support for the qualification exam. For example, the NepalEse Academy of Tourism and Hospitality can carry out such a test for the hotel and restaurant sector in the presence of Japanese representatives,” added the Official of the Ministry of Labour. Nepal and Japan have signed a labour pact. Photo: ANI) Nearly two months after the signing of an employment contract between Nepal and Japan in Kathmandu, Japanese employers have begun to take an interest in hiring Nepalese workers. According to Ghimire, the two countries were preparing to implement the agreement when the Covid 19 pandemic occurred. In order to further strengthen and strengthen existing economic and technical cooperation between Nepal and Japan, the two countries signed the Technical Cooperation Agreement on 3 September 2003. The agreement is a framework covering areas such as training, Japanese experts, volunteers, study missions, project type aid, machinery and equipment, as well as development studies. On the basis of the agreement, the two governments would conclude separate agreements to implement specific technical cooperation programmes agreed upon. Although formal negotiations between officials from the two countries have not made significant progress since the agreement was signed last March and allowed Nepalese workers to enter the giant Asian nation, “Japanese employers have come forward to offer jobs to Nepalese workers,” officials say. A technical team of labour workers will arrive in Kathmandu after a few days. Under the agreement signed today, the Japanese government will hire Nepalese migrant workers in the areas of maintenance, building cleaning, machinery and tools, industrial machinery, electricity, electronics, information and construction. Other labour-intensive sectors include shipbuilding and motor machinery, vehicle repair and maintenance, aviation, accommodation, agriculture, fishing and aquaculture, food and beverage production and the food industry.

Nepal and Japan have signed a labour pact under which Nepalese workers residing in Japan are granted “specified skilled worker” (SSE) status.

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