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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Ppt

6 What is t-36? T-36 is the proactive customer loyalty process to take a long-term view of the account and a disciplined approach to maximize customer benefits in their relationship with Microsoft and to ensure EA`s renewal benefit for customers: Realize Value in their Investment in Annuity Agreement Pro-Sales commitment from Microsoft, In order to improve the relationship with trusted consultants Benefits for Microsoft: Building Better Customer Relationships Increase CPE Drive One Microsoft (Services /EPG/Partner) Increase the customer acceptance cycle of current MS technology and standardize predictable sales Accelerate sales growth Perform higher EA Renewal Rates, Tu`s Greater Accountability 28 TIP! Before the end of your contract, book daily computer training and unused planning service days with VLSC. 10: Preliminary Information: NDA OnlyWindows 7 Enterprise What new unique technologies are not in Windows 7 Professional Plus Business Value in functions With the Codec DVD licenses and Media Center 4 Virtual OS, licenses can be run on earlier versions of Windows (previously they could only work on Windows Vista Enterprise™™ () Data Security and Protection BitLocker™ – BitLocker To Go™ AppLocker™ Streamline PC Management MUI Language Packs Richer VDI Remoting – Boot from VHD 4 Virtual Operating Systems Subsystem for UNIX How to License Included with Software Assurance for Windows Desktop Software for Windows 7 Professional Licenses Open License, Open Value, Open Value Subscription Enterprise Agreement – Enterprise Agreement Subscription 26 Volume Licensing Service CenterSoftware Assurance Benefits Section Software Assurance Benefits Summary displays all the benefits of the software insurance to which you are entitled on all license identifiers. You can use filters to find the benefits of software insurance. Support details are provided for each benefit. A detailed explanation allows you to view and manage any qualifying agreement.

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