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Learning Agreement Rennes 2

After adoption by the Rennes Medical School, the student must complete an apprenticeship agreement (a mandatory part of your application form). After presenting the internships chosen by the student, the Office of International Relations will offer an internship over one or two semesters, depending on your wish. With about 20,000 students and 600 professors, it is the largest research and higher education institution in the arts, literature, languages, social sciences and humanities of the West. It has five faculties: languages, social sciences, humanities, arts, literature and communication, sport and physical education, and teaches about 21 modern languages at the bachelor`s and bachelor`s level. The University of Rennes 2, with its 20 research units, is a reference centre for behavioural, learning and health research; Societies and environments languages, literature and culture; art (history, applied, critical). The university has also recently introduced new programs to attract international researchers and promote and facilitate cooperation. Its international relations are an integral part of the university and have long-standing links with higher education institutions on five continents. It offers 134 different degrees for full-time, part-time or distance students. Read Emma`s blog to learn more about Erasmus at Rennes 2! Exchange students who have not passed their exams (scores below 10/20) can take their exams in June in an attempt to improve their results. Repeating exams take place only in June and only at the University of Rennes 2, including for students who have participated in an exchange program during the first semester (autumn semester). The Erasmus student is involved in an internship in a department that has been chosen for a month or two with afternoon classes. The exams will be awarded in December for the first semester and in May for the semester 2.At the end of the student`s stay, will be a copy of the files for validation of his studies or internships.

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (also University of Reims; French: University of Reims Cha … For 55 years, our mission has been to change the lives of students around the world… The city of Rennes, the capital of Brittany, is ideal for student mobility for a semester or a university year. The city of 210,000 inhabitants, including more than 63,000 students, has all the advantages of a big city while offering the comfort of a city on a human scale. Every year, Rennes is one of the best cities in France where you can study. A city of culture and sport, it offers many services: cinemas, sports facilities, libraries, pubs, theatres, restaurants… Rennes is also ideally located for discovering France. With an airport and a train station, it is an hour and a half from Paris by train and about 1 hour from the Brittany coast. The city is also close to monuments such as Mont Saint Michel or the Loire castles. Finally, life in Rennes has many advantages for students: the cost of living (housing, transport…) is much lower than in Paris and many services are available to students: university housing at a moderate rent (165 to 250 euros per month), university restaurants (which offer full meals at 3.25 euros (price 2017-2018).) Public transport is also very well developed (metro, night buses, self-service bicycles…).

Each year, more than 24,000 students take part in bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral courses. In addition, 3,000 international students are welcomed each year and exchange programs are implemented with 265 partners worldwide. The registration form for the Crous Room (Regional Centre for University and School Works) bedroom must be printed on the website and sent back to the Office of International Relations by June 1 for the first semester and November 15 for semester 2.

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