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Iuec Local 50 Collective Agreement

One of the main objectives of the Norwegian elevator unions is to create collective agreements for all elevator companies in which we have members. The collective agreement provides for more rights for elevator mechanics. Remember that your life is made up of 8 hours of work — 8 hours of free time and 8 hours of rest! You spend a large part of your life in the workplace and it is important to make sure you have a better influence through your membership. We need new members to establish the collective agreement in a larger number of companies. The collective agreement is a minimum and serves as a model, but as a general rule, companies have better agreements on the spot! The elevators union`s collective agreement gives you very good rates of pay and other rights to your work. Companies without a collective agreement also follow, with a few exceptions, the level of wages and working conditions of the collective agreement. Elevator builders perform construction, operation, inspection, examination, maintenance, modification and repair of elevators, dock elevators, elevators, stairs, escalators, mobiles, elevators, equipment elevators and automatic transfer equipment. They also build, operate, inspect, maintain, modify and repair automated transit vehicles, such as automated passenger carriers. Individuals perform this work while working at high altitudes, working around open electrical contacts and moving sheaves and cables. Elevator Constructor apprentices are enrolled in the National Elevator Industry Education Program.

This program requires the completion of a five-year training before the mechanic`s examination. After passing the exam, it takes two more years of study to complete the program. Today, 90% of the people who work with elevators in Norway are organized in our union! Click here for the full list and contact information of our board members. Ask yourself why elevator work is paid more in Norway than in many other countries? The reason is the strength of the union. Join Heismont-renes Fagforening and be part of the community. The objectives of the International Union of Elevator Manufacturers (IUEC) are:

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