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Fdot Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement

Iteris Inc. announced yesterday that it has secured a five-year professional services contract with a $5 million cap from Florida DOT (FDOT) District 7 in Tampa for a regional traffic signal retiming program. The five-year program includes signal coordination and timing improvements at major intersections Iteris says the main objective of this project is to put in place optimized coordination plans to optimize traffic flow and improve safety for all road users, including vehicles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. The five-year program includes signal coordination and improved timing at major intersections in Florida Region 7, home to more than 1,100 reported intersections, representing nearly 20% of reported intersections in the state. Iteris expects to launch the traffic light coordination project immediately. “We are proud to support FDOT`s goal of improving the safety and mobility of road users through the management of this traffic light retiling program,” Helmuth Arens, associate vice president and head of transportation system traffic operations at Iteris, said in a statement. “This initiative represents the continued development of Iteris` traffic signal coordination services in a significant geographic market and will ultimately contribute to increasing the value and efficiency of the region`s existing transportation infrastructure, while improving safety, air quality and fuel consumption. Under the agreement, Iteris will provide services such as crossover and systems analysis, data collection and model development, the development of a traffic signal schedule, implementation and evaluation, as well as additional traffic signalling services, to improve traffic flow, improve public safety and reduce shutdowns.

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