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Advertising Sales Representative Agreement

(e) other related advertising services, such as human promotion and trafficking, as well as advertising and media services, including events, commercial advertising and third-party search; “strategic transaction,” an ad sales transaction that includes (i) an appropriate placement (i.e. ads that do not comply with IAB display unit guidelines or are not a standard offer on sites), (ii) integration with third-party systems, (iii) sales of post-transactions or (iv) custom customer development. The consequences, in the absence of an agreement, may lead to future conflicts between the parties regarding the details of the advertisement or payments. In addition to basic information such as contact information, validity dates and payment details, the advertising agent agreements also contain other details. The essential elements of this agreement include clause 8.12 of the commitment effect; The assignment. This agreement serves the contracting parties and their respective legal and legal representatives and binds their respective legal representatives and their respective rights holders, and nothing in this agreement, whether expressive or implied, is intended to confer on another person any rights or remedies of any kind within the framework or under this agreement. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, neither party may withdraw from the agreement or the rights or obligations of this contract without the prior written consent of the other party, and that assignment is cancelled; provided that each contracting party can, in conjunction with the reinstatement of that party in another jurisdiction or in another form of enterprise, cede this agreement to a successor entity. (a) to display ads sold by UOL Media Group on the survey website and otherwise fulfill the terms of the contract or any other agreement executed by UOL Media Group for the sale of such advertisements; Here, the role of the representative is to tell customers about the different policies of a company. Media representatives could include newspapers, advertising agencies, television production companies and social media sites.

It is also a distribution agreement or an advertising sales contract. It is one of the most important tools in marketing. Outsourcing is now more often used by different companies in different industries, including the marketing of their products and services. CONSIDERING that each party wishes, in this agreement, to define the main terms of sale under which UOL Media Group provides certain advertising services to CMO. Section 8.13 Non-renouncement of loss or enjoyment; Cumulative remedies. No failure or delay on the part of any of the parties to the exercise of a right that exists in it infringes that right or is construed as a waiver or tolerance of a violation of an insurance, guarantee or agreement, or the exercise, isolated or partial, of such a right or any other exercise.

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