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Video Gaza the New Holocaust

This is the video of Gaza. You could see how Israelis treat Gaza people like animal. They live in constant fear. Not only houses destroyed by Israel for Israelis settlement, but also people and children killed by Israel soldiers.

Penduduk Gaza diperlakukan Israel seperti binatang. Bukan hanya rumah mereka yang dihancurkan oleh Israel untuk pemukiman Yahudi, tapi juga penduduknya termasuk anak-anak dibantai oleh Israel.

Silahkan lihat videonya di bawah.

The living conditions of Palestinian refugees living in Gaza. A short clip from the award-winning film ‘Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority.”
For more info please visit www.occupation101.com.
DVD also available on AMAZON.COM !!

Israel launches missile attacks on Gaza – 27 Dec 08

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!

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