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Prophet Muhammad: The Best Man in the World

“Verily in the messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the last Day, and remembereth Allah much.” [Quran 33:21]

That is the words of God describing the nobleness of Prophet Muhammad. Even a non-believer such as Sir George Bernard Shaw in his book ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936 wrote that if there is a new religion that will prevail in England or Europe in the next century that would be Islam. Muhammad is a wonderful man and should be called the Savior of Humanity, said Bernard Shaw.

Mahatma Gandhi, in his statement that published in “Young India” in 1024 said that it is not the sword that spread Islam. But the passion, courage, and faith of the prophet Muhammad to God that spread Islam. When I have read the second chapter of the story of Prophet Muhammad, I was regret that there is no more to read.

Muhammad was impossible to spread Islam by the sword since his early followers were only his wife and nephew, Ali. Later, many people convert to Islam because of his great personality and the Islamic truth.

If there were some wars, those were defensive wars. The first 3 wars, such as Badar, Uhud, and Khandaq wars, happened near Madinah city, the Muslim city, when the Mecca infidels and their allies attacked Madinah.

So was the Mu’tah war happened in Arab land when the Christian Roman Empire attacked to destroy Islam.

Michael H Hart in his book ‘The 100, A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons In History,’ New York, 1978 chose prophet Muhammad as the number 1 among 100 most influential people in the world defeating Isaac Newton, Paul, and Jesus.

According to Michael H Hart, most great leaders in his book became great because they happened to be born in developed countries and center of the world civilization such as France, Germany, Britain, etc. Even without those leaders, those countries will be great anyway and many men could replace their places as leaders.

For example, Napoleon Bonaparte that lead France to conquer Europe. That happened because France is a big European country. Napoleon could not do that if France is a small country. Even Napoleon at last failed and died in exile.

Jesus though the first who spread Christian religion, but he was caught and crossed by the Roman soldiers. His followers when Jesus died were a few. It is Paul who developed the Christian religion so it is accepted by European.

On the contrary, Prophet Muhammad was born in a backward country. Mecca, the city where Muhammad was born, is a small city far away from the centre of civilization, trade, art, and science. At that time the great countries are Roman, Persian, and China.

Arab is nothing but a Roman and Persian colony with a very small population until now. Arab people were divided into small tribes that fight each other.

When Muhammad was born, most Arab worshipped idols. For the first 3 years Muhammad call his family and close friends to Islam. Then in 613 Muhammad propagated Islam openly so Islam spreading wide.

The Mecca Infidel leaders began to think Muhammad as a threat to their belief so they tried to kill him. To avoid the danger, Muhammad went to Madinah. But the Mecca infidels did not stop. They try to attack Muhammad in Madinah 3 times in Badar, Uhud, and Khandaq wars. But they failed.

After that, Muhammad and his followers conquered Mecca peacefully in 630. There is no home to be destroyed and no bloodshed except for a few war criminals. In 23 years Muhammad united all Arab and also other tribes in Islam.

With Muhammad leadership, Arab not only could hold the Roman and Persian attack but also conquered them all. Until now the Roman capital, Constantinople becomes Istambul under Islamic country. So is Baghdad that used to be the capital of Persian Empire.

We should remember that the prophet Muhammad’s wars are not bloody wars like the crusaders that slaughtered all Muslims they conquered like in the film ”Kingdom of Heaven” (Starred by Orlando Bloom). The wars by Muhammad such as in Badar, Uhud, and Khandaq Wars are defensive wars. They defend themselves from the Infidels’ attacks. The war with Roman and Persian were setting the people free from Roman and Persian’s occupation which burden the people with heavy taxes.

At the Conquer of Mecca, it is a peaceful surrender. Almost no bloodshed.

In 100 years since the death of Prophet Muhammad, Islamic Kingdom spread from India, Pakistan, Iran, Middle East, North Africa, to Spain with 7,600 kilometeres long and 3,200 kilometers wide in 3 continents! It is the largest empire that ever exists in the history.

Even though the Spain reconquered by the Catholic after 7 centuries, yet Islam still prevail in North Africa, Middle East, Iran, and Pakistan.

Islam not only advance in politics and military. In science the Arabs who used to be backward below the Greece and Persian scientists, suddenly became leaders. Many scientific findings by Arab/Islamic scientists acknowledge by the world until now.

For example, the world numeric system now called Arabic Numeral replacing the Roman Numeral which is not flexible. With Arabic Numerals, you could write 93,567,834,234,693 easily. That kind of number is impossible written with Roman Numeric.

In Microsoft Encarta Encylopaedia mentioned:


The Islamic world, which in medieval times extended as far west as Spain, also produced many scientific breakthroughs. The Arab mathematician Muhammad al-Khwārizmī introduced Hindu-Arabic numerals to Europe many centuries after they had been devised in southern Asia.


Arab Astronomers (read: Islam Astronomers) find many stars such as Aldebaran, Altair, and Deneb. Al Haytham (Alhacen) that introduced Optic science also found Scientific Method which emphasized Observation, Experiment, and accurate records.

Thus, Muhammad is not just a religious leader or prophet. But he also a military leader, the head of Islamic State (which is superior to Roman and Persian Empire), and also the founder of Islamic Science Golden Age.

In 23 years only, Muhammad managed to turn the backward savage Arabs into civilized people and the leaders in science defeating 2 world super powers: Roman and Persian. This is an example that should be followed by any leaders!

No wonder a non Muslim like Michael H Hart acknowledged that Muhammad is the number one people in the world beyond Jesus and any other men that ever exist.

If a non Muslim thought Muhammad is the number one, then a Muslim that testifies Muhammad as the messenger of God should also know that Muhammad is a perfect man that free from sin or error. That is why Muslims should learn the story of Muhammad and follow his examples.

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