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Petisi Hentikan Kenaikan Harga Minyak dan Penjajahan AS di Iraq dan Afghanistan

Bagi yang ingin agar meroketnya harga minyak dan penjajahan AS di Iraq dan Afghanistan dihentikan, mohon sebarkan tulisan ini:

To read and sign the petition, click:


Petition Stop the Rocketing Oil Price And US Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan!

To: US Congress and US Government

VOA news said that US Congress call 5 biggest oil companies due to the rocketing oil price while the oil companies’ profit reach US$ 123 billions.

Exxon Mobil profit is US$ 40 billion/year while its investment cost only US$ 100 millions. The profit is 40,000%!

The Oil Companies argue that the rocketing price caused by the high of International Oil Price that reach more than US$ 100/barrel. On the other hand, Oil Companies such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Unocal, etc are the Cartel who controlled all oil from its sources all over the world including Arab and Indonesia (except Iran). That is why the rocketing “International Oil Price” is caused by the Cartel: The US Oil Companies which operate all over the world.

The US Oil Companies’ Monopoly increased after 2 biggest oil exporter countries: Iraq and Afghanistan fall into US occupation. These 2 countries’ oil is monopolized by the US Oil Companies.

President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Chenney are working in oil field. That is why the US Oil Companies get a strong support from the US Government.

To stop the rocketing oil price, the monopoly of US Oil Companies’ Cartel should be stopped. Stop US occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan so the oil monopoly by the US Oil Companies that make the rocketing oil price end here.

Stop the US Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan now!


The Undersigned

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